What is your pricing/packages?

Prices are not on my site because honestly every couple has a different budget. I don’t want to turn certain people away with simply a number and not have a conversation about it. That being said, I do have starting prices. Head over to my contact page, fill out the form and I will send you the full details on pricing and packages.

How many photographers will i get on my wedding day?

Packages include 1 photographer (me) and then the option to add on a 2nd photographer in half day and full day capacity. Often times, guys and and girls get ready at the same time and I can’t be two places at once. This is where a 2nd photographer comes in pretty clutch. The rest of day with adding a second photographer will give more angles, shots and candid moments.

What is your copyright policy?

Simply put, I own the copyright to all photos. You will have unlimited print rights.  "Print Rights" means that you can print, share to social media and keep all digital files I deliver. The only thing you can’t do is edit the photos.

How many photos will we receive?

For Weddings, this is another thing that completely depends on the day, size of wedding, weather, locations, etc. Typically, the low end is 250 and high end is 500.

For Lifestyle, it really just depends on the session but it’s usually in the 30-80 range.

How long will it take to receive our photos?

For Weddings, photos will be delivered in 6-8 weeks from your wedding date, with the exception of peak wedding season (August-November). In this case, sneak peaks can be provided.

For Portraits, it is 2-4 weeks from the session date.

What are"Must Have's" and what should they include?

"Must Have's" are a list of photos that you "must have" on your wedding day, from family portraits to details to intimate moments, anything that you can think of, put it on the list. We will go over this in a consultation where the day and details are scheduled out.

Do I need to provide a meal for you?

I have it in my contract that my associate photographer and I are provide a meal, preferably right after the Bridal Party so we can eat fast and capture details of the Reception. Usually nobody wants pictures of them eating. If a meal is not provided, we require a 1 hour break to grab some food. This is up to you, often times is easier and more efficient to provide the meal. We are not picky, 90% of the time we eat in about 15 minutes while we game plan for the reception. 

Can you hold a date for my wedding?

Unfortunately, I can not hold a date. Once a contract is signed and a deposit is paid, your date is reserved.

What if for some reason you can't shoot my wedding?

So, I have never missed a wedding (knock on wood) and I have shot weddings under the weather. But, if for some reason I can't shoot your wedding, my associate photographer will handle the duties. Trust me, he is very capable, he has shot over 100 weddings with me and he also has his own photography business. 

What is your payment process like?

For Weddings, a 1/3 is due at time the contract is signed, then the rest is due before or on the wedding day. Don't worry, I will remind you (at an appropriate time) if you forget.

For Lifestyle Sessions, payment is due in full at the beginning of the session.

Do you offer Videography Services?

Unfortunately, I do not. I'm so immersed in photography on your wedding day ensuring the best possible photos and experience for my clients that it would honestly be too much. What I can do, depending on what you are looking for, is offer suggestions of some awesome people that I admire and have worked with before.