My name is David...

Just a kid from Akron... not really. I represent the CLE... not really. I have always lived smack dab in the middle of the two. So, I am both... or neither. I am a photographer. I have a bachelors degree in Film + Digital Media, it sits on a bookcase in my house. I am obsessed with all things camera gear, cinema, riding bikes, Abby + Virgil (Wife + Cat), couch dates, octopuses, talking, laughing, astronomy, dreaming, a decent crime documentary and new music that sounds like what I listened to in high school. 

My Crew...

I am married to my dream woman, Abigail. We have 2 cats, one named Virgil and the other Richard. We've been married going on five years.

Abby holds a B.F.A in Fine Arts (painting), she bends metal for a living and loves all things makeup, horrible romantic comedies, nature, animals and her family.  She is beautiful, supportive, a people pleaser, bad at technology, the funniest person I know and If she asks you if she should cut her hair, just say yes... every time. 

Virgil is a 7lb. half siamese/half something else, rescue cat. He likes to nap, play fetch, stare at people and is scared of the rain. Richard is basically a dog, he does dog things.